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Financing available, payments as low as $20/month

Whole House Water Conditioning

Uses NO Electricity and wastes less than half as much water and salt. Go Green with Kinetico!

At Superior Water Services, we believe your water should not only taste good, but should also boost your health. While using chlorine at the city or county level is important for disinfecting your drinking water, chlorine has also been shown to have a negative impact on your health.

To help protect against this, we offer a FREE water analysis right from your home. Using EPA approved testing methods, we will perform an analysis for some of the major contaminants including chlorine, ammonia, and nitrates. We also check the Ph and hardness levels of your water. This FREE analysis is valued at $150.00 and will help you learn what dangers exist in your water.

We also use Kinetico home water treatment systems, which are ingeniously engineered to solve nearly any water problem and produce soft water and contaminant-free drinking water all throughout your home.

Kinetico Systems Remove:
Hardness, scale, bad taste, odor, chlorine and chemicals

Kinetico's Features & Benefits

  • Removes hard water damage
  • Guards your plumbing and appliances
  • Automatic, uses no electricity
  • No timers to reset or replace
  • Longest all-inclusive warranty in the industry
  • Plenty of models to choose from
  • Less salt and water, worry-free

Our Professional Promise

Kinetico water professionals hold themselves to loftier standards. Whether providing a thorough analysis of your home’s water, explaining how water systems work or recommending one that’s right for you, one thing is certain. Nobody brings a higher level of professionalism into your home. We promise.

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