After purchasing a new water softener or drinking water system, Superior Water Systems will send a Service Team Member to install the system in your home or business. All Service Team Members have received full training and certification from Kinetico, Inc. prior to working in your home, so you can be confident that the job will be done right every time.

Superior Water Systems asks that someone be present at the time of installation in case any questions should arise or the Service Team Member needs to gain access to plumbing, water supplies, etc.  A typical water softener installation will take approximately 2 hours and a drinking water system 1-2 hours. Commercial systems or large scale residential systems will typically take 4+ hours.

Within a home, water softeners are typically installed between where the raw water supply comes in and the water softener.  The pre-filter is installed first, followed by the bypass, and finally the water softener.  Drinking water systems are compact enough that they can be installed under your kitchen sink or in your basement/crawl space.  The Service Team Member will install your choice of faucet in your sink at the location of your choosing, as well as run a line to your water/ice maker if you would prefer.