Salt Delivery

Superior Water Systems understands that you are busy and it may not always be convenient for you to purchase your own salt to take home and load yourself. That is why Superior Water Systems has a salt delivery service that is comprised of 9 routes which cover a large portion of the Illinois Valley region.  Each route is done every six weeks, and each customer can choose to receive a set amount of bags each time or only enough to fill the brine tank.

How does the salt delivery work?

One of the Superior Water Systems Service Team Members will come to your home or business on a set day, carry in the salt, put the salt in your brine tank, briefly check to make sure your water softener is working properly, and be on their way.  If the customer would like a reminder, they can be put on a list to be called the day before their salt delivery route.

What if I don’t need salt when it is time for my route?

Whether you are on vacation or just don’t need more salt, Superior Water Systems is completely flexible.  If you call the office (815.875.2506) 24 hours before your scheduled delivery route, you can request to be skipped, change your quantity of salt bags, or give special instructions.  There is no fee for any of these changes.

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