Top Reasons Why a Water Filtration System Is a Worthwhile Investment

Tap Water is Dirty

Even if people in charge do their best to filter municipal supplies, tap water remains to be unclean. Firstly, it goes through never ending pipelines, meaning, it picks up lots of nasty things along the way including pesticides and industrial wastes, among other contaminants.

Tap Water is Harmful to Health

Tap water, which is used in drinking and bathing, can be harmful to health. Municipal supplies contain chlorine (about 98% of water systems has chlorine). This is a chemical that helps disinfect it, though it also causes harmful side effects.

A less harmful effect caused by chlorinated water is dry skin however different studies reveal that chlorine has been the culprit behind the rise of breast and bladder cancer, to name a few.

Bottled Water Sucks

Prepackaged bottled water has a 4,000% markup, making it more expensive than gasoline. In addition, whenever bottled water is produced, five bottles of water are wasted, allowing it to also be an environmental disaster.

This can probably be acceptable if there is a guarantee that bottled water is purer and cleaner than tap alternative but this is not quite true. Bottled water, 25% to 40% of it, also comes from municipal supplies.

In the way the industry is being regulated, with its low standards, there is no way to know the amount of water that is really filtered.

A Water Filtration System Offers Convenience, Safety and Cost Savings

The companies that produce bottled water claim that this is safe and convenient to drink everyday. Most people are now aware that this is not true. Luckily, water filtration systems, which are readily available, provide a solution to the long-time problem of having access to clean water. These systems address all of the above mentioned issues.


Instead of being short changed by a 4,000% markup, people can now enjoy a continuous supply of clean and safe water using a brand new filtration system. They only have to make a primary investment of some hundred dollars plus system maintenance but it is all worth it due to the long-term guarantee as well as the thousands of dollars a year saved from buying bottled water.


Chlorinated water comes with an unpleasant rate. Water filters can eliminate the chlorine and other contaminants plus it gives a natural water taste. Those who drink water with too much chlorine will know the difference.


Water filter systems get rid of the chemicals and THMs among other carcinogens, in tap water that are potential risks to a person’s health. Aside from getting clean water to drink, this will also benefit the skin and hair when taking a bath.


The moment the system is installed, homeowners can relax. Whenever they open the faucet, they will get the clean water they want. This is certainly more practical than running to the store to buy bottled when they run out of supply.